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As the name suggests, Pre-Construction services occur before any commercial real estate construction begins on a project. This broad term refers to services including, but not limited to, design, conceptual drawings, generating specifications, value engineering, scheduling, and budgeting. This is the point in the construction process where all leaders, contractors, etc., join to make a final project assessment. This helps ensure the project will go smoothly.

Pre-Construction is essential to the commercial real estate construction process, though many outside the industry may not know. The simplest way to understand the importance of Pre-Construction work is to consider the phrase: “measure twice, cut once.” Bringing everyone together before commercial real estate construction begins ensures everyone is on the same page and everything is as it should be.

Read below to understand how Pre-Construction services can help your project.

Examples of Pre-Construction Services

As mentioned above, Pre-Construction service is a broad term for any element accomplished before commercial real estate construction begins. This includes dozens of services, such as cost estimation, scheduling, logistics, procurement, risk mitigation, condition analysis, constructability analysis, bid packing, etc. 

In other words, this term covers much of any construction project’s pricing, planning, and acquisition phases. The above services are critical to ensuring a project is finished on time and within budget.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

Now that we have covered what services fall under this umbrella term, let’s discuss their benefits. Naturally, one of the biggest benefits is ensuring a project is within budget. Cost estimations are critical to understanding the potential cost (including room for surprises, emergencies, etc.). Likewise, many of these services help assess a project’s safety or feasibility. This can save a project time and money in the long run, especially if a critical concern is found early on. 

Another benefit of Pre-Construction services is that they tend to improve communication between teams. This may sound counterintuitive since it essentially adds more teams to the process. However, their information is critical, motivating everyone involved to share and communicate as needed.

Most importantly, Pre-Construction services are your best chance at finding a critical problem before it becomes too late. Businesses often require extensive analysis before any project. This isn’t for fun – it saves them money and trouble. This is especially true regarding building, as there are many moving parts to consider.